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Trusts are often used to transfer assets from one generation to another before or after death. A trust is a relationship created at the direction of an individual, in which one or more persons hold that individual's property and protect it for the benefit of others. The parties involved are:

  • Settlor: the person who provides the property for the trust
  • Beneficiary: the person benefitting from the trust
  • Trustee: the person or company that holds the property on behalf of the beneficiary

Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to manage, invest and distribute the trust assets in accordance with your provisions established by the settlor in a trust document. The businesses listed on this site can help in the process of establishing and managing a trust, either as a trustee or in support of a trustee.

This site lists providers to help with estate planning and administration. Included are:

  • general listings: names, addresses and phone numbers
  • featured advertisers and referrals
  • featured advertisers and referrals that have passed our 15-point checklist (learn more)

Unless specifically noted, the products, services, listings, and advertisers on this site are not endorsed by Unity Boston.

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