retirement communities

At retirement, many people look to relocate to a community that facilitates their ability to downsize while maintaining an active lifestyle. Most people are looking to spend their golden years surrounded by friends, fun, and activities to keep them happy, fulfilled, and active.

Amenities may include a clubhouse, golf course, tennis, swimming, boating, walking trails, recreation centers, organized groups, computer labs, and libraries and may have Association Fees. Services such as landscaping, gardening, lawn service, membership fees, trash, cable, security, and utilities may be included in the Association Fees. Be aware that covenants and restrictions may govern the community.

There are thousands of retirement communities across the country varying in size, age requirements, costs and fees, type of amenities, weather conditions, type of housing, surrounding community types, and health care accessibility. Visit the community a few times and talk to residents before making a final decision. Sign up for newsletters. Drive around the area. Gather as much information as you can to make an informed decision.

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