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Enter a zip code and click on a category to access our directory. This site lists providers to help with estate planning and administration. Included are:

  • general listings: names, addresses and phone numbers
  • featured advertisers and referrals
  • featured advertisers and referrals that have passed our 15-point checklist

Providers designated as having passed our 15-point checklist have been reviewed based upon:

15 Point Badge
  • background checks
  • business history
  • customer testimonials
  • standing in the community

More specifically, our 15-point checklist includes the following screening:

  1. County Criminal Check - We check for felony convictions, alcohol violations, revocation of driving privileges, and misdemeanors.
  2. National Criminal Check - We check for criminal charges, FBI, Terrorist Watch, DOJ, ATF and others.
  3. National Sex Offenders Registry – We check for sex offender violations.
  4. Social Security Trace - We verify social security numbers.
  5. State License - We confirm active state licenses and check for derogatory information.
  6. County Civil - We check for suits naming the company.
  7. Corporate Charter - We check records to confirm state business filings are current.
  8. Reverse Phone Lookup - We perform a reverse phone lookup on Internet or confirm entity number by dialing directly.
  9. Internet Search - Review entity Web site or locate business through Internet Search.
  10. Performance History - We review the Better Business Bureau report and perform review of complaints filed with State Consumer Affairs Office.
  11. NIPR (Insurance Industry) - We check insurance producers, agents and brokers for derogatory items, violations, license suspensions or disciplinary actions.
  12. FINRA (Financial Industry) - We check for financial fraud, derogatory complaints, including SEC violations, disciplinary actions reported to licensing agencies.
  13. FACIS 3 (Healthcare Industry) - We check for Medicare fraud, derogatory complaints, and disciplinary actions.
  14. Commercial or Professional Insurance - We verify:
    1. For independent professionals, that liability coverage exists
    2. For employees of reputable, national organizations, that this person is employed by that organization.
  15. Code of Ethics - We do not limit our requirements to background checks alone. Providing families with trusted service partners requires that businesses and individuals who work directly or indirectly with families maintain a high standard of ethics. With that in mind, The PROvision Network organizations, employees and volunteers agree to abide by The PROvision Network Code of Ethics.
    1. Be Trustworthy: Subscribe to sound business practices that exhibit honorable values and provide families with clear and confident expectations.
    2. Adhere to Highest Professional Standards: Maintain professional integrity and competence at all times, never knowingly causing harm, fraud, or abuse.
    3. Uphold Responsibilities: Fulfill all contractual agreements with families in a timely and professional manner.
    4. Respect Others: Treat family with patience, dignity, and respect.
    5. Comply with all Licensing and Regulatory Requirements: Observe all licensing and regulatory requirements for each state and jurisdiction served.

We at The PROvision Network do our best to help you make wise decisions in your estate planning and administration. Provider information on this site may change or expire over time. We attempt to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, and confirm changes when notified, however we cannot guarantee that profile and screening information is always accurate. As in all things, the final decisions of whom you work with are yours. Accordingly we cannot, and do not, assume any liability in your eventual relationship with any providers listed on this site.

Unless specifically noted, the products, services, listings, and advertisers on this site are not endorsed by Unity Boston.