rave reviews


This resource has been over a year in the making. The consistent message from everyone who has seen the prototype is: "Simple, Powerful, Needed ... Right Now".

Early impressions include:

"I own an IT Business and recently lost both a sister and my father in different months. My sister left no will nor final instructions in the event death. My Mom & Dad divorced years ago and he remarried, so his current wife had to deal with his affairs. My mother & I were left to deal with sister's affairs, bills, assets, etc alone. I just stumbled onto your domain by accident. It is great!!!! I will do all I can to promote it to folks I know, because many of them have no clue of what to do....when a loved one passes. It is nightmare, and by the way, your forms are 'way above great' thank you so much. Keep up the good work."

Edward - California

Thanks for help in indicating what kind of affidavit (and where to obtain) if estate worth is over $100,000 small estate affidavit limit..."

Christine - Illinois

"Your website is fabulous and i'm hoping you can answer a question: must I use the same attorney for executing a trust that my dad hired when he created the trust? Thank you."

Sandy - New Jersey

"Before my mother passed away, three years ago, she was given three months to live and that gave us the time to help her make all the necessary arrangements. Not everyone has that opportunity. I've forwarded this resource to my kids, for their use and also so they might ensure that their mother, who has some health issues, has her own wishes in order."

Richard Ceresa

"My Mother passed away a few months ago and I just recently found out about your website. It is very helpful and I wish I would have known about it. I will definitely pass on to others."


"I found this web site offered advice that was very helpful in caring for my mother as well as the rest of the family. The advise was dead on and for those persons who are unsure where to turn for help, to have a resource of businesses who are familar with the loss of a loved one would be of great assistance. ... This web site would be great in planning ahead of time in the event you have a love one diagnosed or suddenly dies. I would recommend this site to people to get a better understanding of what you need to anticipate and even plan with a love one so you are aware of specifically what their wishes are."

Joan - Detroit, MI

"My mother just passed away a couple of months ago. Thank you for helping our family navigate through those emotional times. We would have never made it without you. The checklist was invaluable to us. We were amazed that you thought of everything that we needed to do. We would have been lost without you."

Dave - Denver, CO

"In dealing with the passing of a close family member, I was left in the dark. The guidance and support that this resource provides is unparallelled. This website helped walk me through the funeral planning process, and lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders."

Sarah - Boulder, CO

"If it had not been for the dedication and professionalism of Family Matters, we would not have accomplished anywhere near what you did or as quickly. We were also very impressed with just how easy they made it for us. The weekly phones calls to update me on the progress of our case made me feel as though I had been visiting with a lifelong friend instead of someone that was just doing a job for me. My family would recommend My Personal Administrator to anyone!"

Brenda Hindley

"I wanted to say "thank you". In the last three weeks, two friends have lost their dads. One of them lost his dad just three days ago and I sat next to him in church yesterday and we talked about it and I tried to listen and console, but besides just praying for him and his family, in both cases I was able to tell them about this site and particularly with the friend yesterday who is right in the middle of both grief and being overwhelmed with all he has to do, being able to point him to a resource like you’ve created was one of the greatest things I could have done for him."

"So just know that in a small, anecdotal way, I can personally say that this resource is making a difference. This is doing something really special and I hope you realize how powerful and helpful and useful the site is and the real difference you’re making in people's lives."

Steve Brock - Tacoma, WA

….tasteful, user-friendly, comprehensive, informative, resourceful, knowledgeable, efficient, compassionate, and overall well thought out. It's clear that your years of experience on both a personal and professional level went into this with great attention paid to every detail. It's amazing the organization and planning required for managing an estate and the items and thoughts that go into it. Not to mention the emotional toll and energy it takes out of you. You've provided a central resource for the end-user that covers it all and even thinks to call the dentist and set up a caterer!"

Mark Gilbert