frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this site?

The Founders of The PROvision Network believe that there is a much simpler way for families to care for the many aspects of planning and administering an estate. It is a process starting early in life, continuing through the stages of wealth acquisition and ending in the transfer to the next generation. Currently, content focuses on the Administration of an estate - once a friend, family member, or other significant person has passed away or is about to do so. This begins with activities such as planning a funeral and extends many months beyond; incorporating opening probate, taking inventory of assets, organizing estate finances and other administrative activities. This site is your complete resource center.

Who will benefit from this resource center?

This site provides a general benefit for families. It specifically helps:

  • an executor or administrator with the immediate responsibility of administering an estate as the result of a recent death
  • an executor or administrator of an estate looking to plan ahead in light of the diminishing health of a loved one
  • anyone wishing to begin or improve the planning for their estate, ensuring that their wishes are known, memories preserved, and assets are appropriately distributed

While the step-by-step guide is designed to be read from the perspective of an executor or administrator, the information may be valuable for anyone involved in the estate administration process.

How did the design of this site come about?

This site is the result of a nationwide study conducted by one of America's premier Internet research firms. The hopes, fears, frustrations, and desires cited by hundreds of executors, administrators, personal representatives and beneficiaries formed the basis for its products and services. In depth business analysis regarding the marketing needs of local businesses involved in estate administration also played a key role.

Is the information reliable?

Topics in our step-by-step guide are based on extensive research and advice from qualified service professionals. In addition to the "what to do", we provide the "how to do" and "what not to do" based on "best practices" contributed by our social network.

The scope of topics currently focus on deaths of U.S. citizens that occur domestically. Information is presented to provide guidance regarding key issues and responsibilities for the executor/administrator of an estate, but may not have the level of detail required to deal with specific, complicated situations. For those situations we provide easy access to local service professionals.

Subject matter is broad, including variations based on cultural, geographic, and religious differences, as well as governmental jurisdiction. We respect this diversity and intend to incorporate many of these aspects moving forward.

How does this site serve my local community?

Our find a provider function may include paid advertisements and directory listings of local professionals across service categories relevant to estate planning and administration.

Is membership really free?

Membership is free! It entitles the reader to access all of our education material and the ability to store personalized timelines and checklists. Services provided by advertisers are fee based and acquired directly from these businesses. For those who subscribe to the Estate Digital Lock Box™, a monthly subscription charge may apply.

How do I get started?

If you haven't already, take the site tour. Next, register as a member. Begin taking full advantage of the resources and tools offered!